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GMT International

The following shows a variety of the products that GMT manufacture.

In addition to the parts shown below we can also design and manufacture products to suit customers’ individual requirements. If you don’t see the part you require please e-mail, fax or call us your specific application details.


GMT’s range of Buffers provide a low cost solution to vibration, noise and shock problems and are available in various mounting configurations and styles.

Type A Buffer Type B Buffer Type C Buffer Type KP/D Buffer Type D Buffer
Machine Feet  

GMT Machine Feet are ideal for protecting many types of industrial equipment including gensets and presses, and can be supplied with rebound control for mobile applications.

Machine Foot Adjustable
Machine Foot
Triflex Mounting IS Mounting Air Mounting
Isolators and Stop Buffers  

GMT Isolators and Stop Buffers are designed for high impact shock protection, providing a controlled fail-safe mechanism when a moving object is being slowed down.

Rectangular Buffer Rectangular Buffer Isolator Stop Buffer Suction Foot
Waisted Buffers  

GMT Waisted Buffers are normally mounted in shear and are suitable for plant and compaction equipment.

Waisted Buffer Waisted Buffer Waisted Mounting Type A/F Buffer Type C/F Buffer
Special Buffers  

GMT Special Buffers include Hexagon Buffers, Miniature Buffers and Interleaf Buffers. Other styles and sizes can be designed to suit customers’ requirements.

Hexagon Buffer Hexagon Buffer Miniature Buffer Interleaf Buffer Hemispherical Buffer
Rails and Rectangular Mountings  

GMT Rails and Rectangular Mountings are suitable for various applications including engine and gearbox installations, and also for shock absorption.

Sandwich Mounting Sandwich Mounting Type U Rail Type F Rail
Type B Rail
Device Mountings  

GMT Device Mountings can be used for light applications including small generators and protection of machinery in transit, and allow relatively high deflections to be achieved.

U Mounting U Mounting V Mounting W Mounting X Mounting
Bearings and Bushes  

GMT Bearings and Bushes are suitable as mechanical joints on road and rail vehicle suspensions, pivot arms, engine/gearbox mountings and as captive cab mountings.

Spherical Bearing Spherical Bearing Bush Bush Bush
Cone Mountings and Compression Springs  

GMT Cone Mountings and Compression Springs provide captive solutions for various applications including engines and cabs, where vibration occurs in multiple planes.

Cone Mounting Cone Mounting H Mounting T Mounting Rubber Product
Special Mountings  

GMT Special Mountings include Hole Mountings and MF Mountings. Other styles and sizes are available or can be designed to suit customers’ requirements.

Special Mounting Special Mounting Hole Mounting MF Mounting Special Mounting
Interleaf Springs and Waisted Mountings  

GMT Interleaf Springs and Waisted Mountings provide high deflection suspension for off-road dump trucks, commercial and rail vehicles.

Bolster Spring Side Bearer Mounting Compound Spring Waisted Mounting Chevron Spring